It was back in the 1980's when Cindy Rollins, then a new mom in search of the best ways to teach her baby son, first heard about homeschooling. Thirty years and nine children later, Cindy has become a popular blogger, podcaster, and award-winning teacher. This is her story. 



This handbook offers a definition of Morning Time (the idea that Cindy is perhaps best known for), specific tips for planning your morning time, advice on including Shakespeare and Plutarch, lists of great books, suggestions on memorizing, and more. 

"Written with grace and humility, Mere Motherhood is packed with insight and perspective only a thoughtful, experienced homeschooling mama can give. It's the kind of book you'll borrow from a friend and never want to give back. I was captivated."

SARAH MACKENziE, host of the read aloud revival podcast

"This book is for the weary mama who needs to know that what she is doing really matters."

JAMIE SHOWMAKER, Plumfield & paideia


Cindy Rollins is a mom of nine with over thirty years of homeschooling experience. For over ten years she blogged her way through her efforts to homeschool under the principles of Charlotte Mason and classical education. Today, she is an occasional contributor at circe, the co-host of The Mason Jar podcast on the CiRCE Institute Podcast Network, & the 2016 recipient of the Russell Kirk Paideia Prize, awarded for a lifetime spend cultivating wisdom and virtue. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband Tim and however many children happen to be home.