Mere Motherhood Sample

Mere Motherhood Sample

As I end my homeschooling career so many things start to come into focus.  

Here is what I do know, what I am willing to share with you:

There are three things that cover a multitude of sins: reading, reading aloud, and written narration.

Reading is the most obvious. I hope you and your children are readers. I hope you read books, and listen to audiobooks, and recite poetry, and study history, and revel in novels. I hope you have a library card. I hope you read books for you and not just for your children. I hope you read the Bible. 

And if you are pregnant or nursing, I hope you won’t feel guilty when you can’t read. There are a few seasons in life when reading must quietly wait her turn. Don’t make her wait too long, though. I loved to read while nursing my babies, at least until they started batting at the book trying to get my full attention. Babies are better than books.